Apple Watch Tumble

Although the Apple Watch is yet to really be considered a success, a new study has found that those who own an Apple Watch are more satisfied with their wearable than other smartwatch users.

Apple was sort of late to the smartwatch party as they released their first wearable back in April last year. Though the device is generally very good, it’s still vastly lacking features such as GPS, and water resistance. However, in a study conducted by J.D. Power, users are way more satisfied with their Apple Watch, compared to other smartwatch brands.

According to J.D. Power’s 2016 Smartwatch Device Satisfaction Report, which is based on a 1,000-point scale. Among 2,696 respondents who bought a smartwatch within the last 12 months and 2,949 respondents who purchased fitness trackers within the same period, Apple topped the satisfaction rating with 852 points. The wearable scored high in the comfort, styling, and appearance categories, as well as ease of use.

In comparison, the next leading device was from Samsung with 842 points, performing well in customer service, display size, and features.

Overall, smartwatches as a whole scored 847 in satisfaction.

In terms of fitness trackers, Apple’s smartwatch was of course left out of this, as despite having a few fitness tracking features it’s hardly as in-depth as other fitness wearables. Samsung actually came out on top here with a total score of 859 performing best in comfort, reliability and ease of use. To follow, Garmin scored 836 performing well in customer service, ease of use, strength/durability and reliability.

As you can probably expect, not all users were overwhelmed by their smartwatches, with 19 percent of users stating they had trouble with their devices with the main complaint being battery life, inability to charge their devices, difficulty customising their watches, and chargers themselves being broken.

It seems for the most part, those who own smartwatches and fitness trackers are mostly satisfied with Samsung products, despite Apple being the leader in the smartwatch category. With Apple expected to unveil a new Apple Watch later this year, however, things may change drastically.

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