Do you spend almost every waking hour on Bohemia Interactive’s ARMA games? Do you wish that when you were relaxing away from your PC you could still be playing ARMA? Good news, this new ARMA game is for you.

Bohemia Interactive has today unveiled and subsequently released a brand new ARMA game developed for iOS and Android called ARMA Mobile Ops.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a lot like the various other strategy-focused time management building games which are flooding the market at the moment. You can build your base, defend it from attacks, as well as develop an attacking force to send against other players. There’s a story campaign as well as a PvP mode, and of course a mobile strategy time management game wouldn’t be complete without the ability to forge allegiances with your friends.

Of course, hardcore ARMA fans aren’t too pleased that the company is working on a mobile title, but rest assured, Bohemia Interactive have affirmed their commitment to the PC title.

“Our dedication will always be to support the hardcore PC gaming communities in the first place. However, as our company is growing quickly, we hope to provide interesting variety of gaming experiences to broader audience. We see great interest in our DayZ browser based spin-off Mini DayZ that is being played by an average of over 2000 players daily and we are very interested in providing something nice based on Arma to mobile gamers around the world. Arma Mobile Ops our is first major release on mobile devices and we certainly plan to develop more mobile games in future” explained Marek Španěl, the CEO of Bohemia Interactive.

So if you’re looking for some more ARMA away from your ARMA, then you can download the new mobile spin-off on the App Store and Google Play, today!

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