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Batman: The Telltale Series has received a release date this week, and depending on when you prefer to nab the game digitally or physical, will depend entirely on when you get the game.

Telltale Games has revealed that their episodic story-driven Batman title, Batman: The Telltale Series will launch its first episode digitally some time this August for consoles, PC, and mobile devices. They didn’t reveal an exact date yet, but promise the date will come sometime next week through the game’s “world premiere trailer.”

As for the physical version, Telltale Games announced that, like with Minecraft: Story Mode, players will be able to purchase a Season Pass Disc that’ll include the first of five episodes, with the remaining for to be downloaded when they’re released. This physical Season Pass Disc will launch on September 16.

In addition to this news, Telltale also announced that on July 24 during Comic-Con, voice actor Troy Baker, who’ll be voicing Bruce Wayne/Batman, will appear at the event where the game will be played on a big screen. People attending can then shout out dialogue choices to help Baker along the way.

Telltale also announced today that on July 23 during Comic-Con, Bruce Wayne/Batman voice actor Troy Baker will appear at an event where the game will be played on a big screen. People in attendance can shout out their dialogue choices to shape how the game plays out.

Finally, Telltale has also announced that The Walking Dead Season 3 will also be released physically at retail as part of an agreement with Warner Bros. The game launches later this year, likely with the digital release coming first, followed by Physical.

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