When Bersek was unveiled last month, Koei Tecmo revealed that the game wouldn’t be launching until 2017. However, this weekend things have changed somewhat. Rather than delaying the game, the publisher’s western arm announced that it’d be launching later this year.

The game, which will focus on both the manga and the anime, will play a little like the Dynasty Warriors game, which is pretty exciting. Now, rather than waiting until 2017, those of us in the west will get the game in Autumn 2016, which is September to November.

To celebrate the news, Koei Tecmo has launched a bucket-load of info over on the new English-language website for the game. Though before you head over there to see what’s new, it’s worth noting that there’s a ton of spoilers for Berserk’s manga and anime, so if you’re wanting to catch up yourself, I suggest you avoid checking it out for now.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Beserk follows a guy named Guts who wields a huge sword. The premise of the story is that terrible things happen leaving everyone a little traumatised. In typical old-school manga fashion, you can expect a lot of blood and gore. Along with a manga series, an anime is also available with a new series airing at the moment.

According to developers Omega Force, Berserk will stay true to the source material and will be the most violent and intense Warriors game yet, which is pretty cool considering how tame previous Warriors titles have been.

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