Those looking forward to Bethesda’s Prey, which was unveiled at E3 earlier this year, may be interested to know that the game will be a full-on reboot as it has no ties to the previous game, nor its cancelled sequel.

In a similar fashion to EA’s Mirror’s Edge, Arkane Studios will be taking the Prey IP and adding their own spin to the game. Studio head Raphael Colantonio confirmed this news sayin:  “Prey is not a sequel, it’s not a remake, it has no tie with the original. You have to look at it like a re-imagining of the IP.”

In addition, he also revealed that the game will have a very “Arkane” feel about it, so you can likely expect it to feel familiar to games like Dishonored and BioShock 2. It’ll feature plenty of story with a layer of RPG ontop of player choice, which will definitely be interesting.

“It is important to note that’s it’s not just shooting.” Colantonio says. “It’s more like a hybrid game where there’s, like, narrative meets with action meets with a little bit of RPG. You have some weapons, but you also have lots of other things – including powers that you can learn from the aliens themselves.”

Currently the game is set for a 2017 release, though no exact release date has been announced. It’ll arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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