Edmund McMillen, the creative lead on Binding of Isaac and one of the creators of Super Meat Boy has teased a new project that he’s working on with Closure developer, Tyler Glaiel.

The new game, which received a teaser trailer over on the Binding of Isaac blog, isn’t actually related to Isaac at all, but uses the same character from one of McMillen’s earlier web-based platformer Team Fcuk, though it’s not being considered a sequel.

“No name yet so we are just leaking out early teases for now, all I can say is I think most would describe it as a Mega Man / Isaac-like, but a platformer with really tight controls,” McMillen told Eurogamer.

The game, from the brief teaser, looks to be a platform shooter based inside a giant cylinder and what appears to be a boss fight according to the below teaser.

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This isn’t the first time McMillen and Glaiel have worked together, the two have a history of developing games Aether and The Basement Collection on Newgrounds – remember that site?

According to McMillen, the game is set to land on PC and Mac, with “a big possibility” of it coming to consoles, though it’s too early to say just yet.

McMillen recently revealed another new game, The Legend of Bum-bo, and it looks as if these two titles will be developed in tandem and right now, McMillen isn’t entirely sure which will be released first.

“I’m quite happy with the pace of both currently they seem neck and neck but we will most likely push one back a month or two from the other when the time comes,” he said.


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