What do Superman and the Flash have in common? Except being in the same universe, being on the same superhero team, and both having sidekicks in DC Rebirth? They both have super-speed that’s what.

So in the honour of the speedy two who sometimes race around the world for charity (check out that great episode of the Superman animated series), here are two quick comic book reviews from DC Rebirth.

Superman #2: I’ve missed Issue 1 and the special Rebirth #1 but I feel like this could’ve been an issue where I could have latched onto the series without having to play catch up.

I was pretty right about that. I managed to understand that Superman is now a father. This isn’t the same Superman from the New 52 where Superman’s son has his dad’s powers, is kind of like Gohan from Dragon Ball Z.

This book is from the same creative time who did Batman and Robin at the beginning of the New 52, so the relationship between son and parents and older guardians is relatable and kind of fun in the context of a life lesson about fighting a giant squid monster.

The only little gripe with this issue comes at the end when the Eradicator turns up, who I’m pretty sure turned up in the tail end of Supergirl’s fairly dismal New 52 series.

The Flash #1: The Flash is the lynchpin of Rebirth. It’s the story that brings all the bags of complex story telling that the New 52 was supposed to overwrite.

Though while we get the first big story event set up, The Flash has a day to day life to deal with. So what does the fastest man alive do when he can’t always save the day?

Well, he remembers he has a friend called August of course. The odd thing about this story is almost forgetting the fact that the Flash does have a fairly extended family of super-speed characters which includes Wally West (now there’s two of them running around), Max Mercury, Jay Garrick (apparently he now exists in this universe?), Bart Allen, Jesse Quick and her dad Johnny Quick, and lets not forget the cast of pre-Flashpoint, Owen Mercer.

I won’t spoil the story, but now I’ve written that list above, you’ll wonder why August is such a big deal as well.

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