In previous Civilization games, players were able to send workers out to improve tiles for future development. These workers could be sent out at any time and were easy to forget until the job was done. However in Civilization 6, Builders replace workers and require users to be tactile about their placements.

In past games, improvements were made by Workers and took multiple turns to complete, eventually though, they’d get the job done. In Civilization 6 however, Builders replace Workers and have a few different factors to take into account.

Builders are a civilian unit which the player builds in their cities. Once these Builders are given a task, they have charges (usually three), which once they’re depleted will disband. This means that users can only use them three times to build an improvement and will need to plan carefully when choosing to use these Builders and what improvements to create.

To make the bitterness a little sweeter, these Builders make improvements instantly, and won’t need to wait for turns to complete before the construction is finished.

To learn more about these Builders, Firaxis Games has released a new trailer highlighting this new feature which you can watch below.

Civilization 6 launches worldwide on October 21.

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