green lantern rebirth 1


I don’t think there is a whole lot I can say about Green Lantern Rebirth #1, mostly because not a lot really happen as the narrative seems to be focused on sweeping all the New 52 swings and misses under the already crowded rug…

Again, Green Lantern is another series I dropped off of due to various reasons, one being that I got tired of the constant crossovers with its sister books and how every story was somehow about the end of the universe or something or other.

Fortunately DC have a great press release writer which convinced me to pick up Rebirth #1 of Green Lantern. The book has some obvious inspiration from Star Wars as Sinestro now looks more and more like the Emperor, and is floating around in his Yellow Lantern War World (AKA DC’s Deathstar) and is boasting about how all the Jedis… oops I mean Green Lanterns have disappeared.

Meanwhile Hal Jordan has problems of his own as he tries to stay alive and not turn into an energy construct. He’s also burdened with the tricky task of explaining to the reader his origin story and catching them up on his recent escapade so the real stuff can hopefully start in issue 3 if this pace keeps up.

That’s right guys, it’s a quick and easy issue where they try to explain all the previous events before they sweep it all under the rug beside all those unsold copies of the Green Lantern movie.

An ultimate conclusion: There is not much bang for your buck with this issue, it feels like something that you’d use to pad out the eventual trade paperback that they’re going to bring out. Wait until about issue 3 or 5 and things may start to get moving then.

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