While waiting with baited breath for Issue 2 of Mighty Morphon Power Rangers: Pink, I totally forgot that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 5 came out, and after reading I finished reading it, I was very glad that I didn’t.

So this time around it’s a standalone issue which seems to be doing what South Park did with the story line about Cartman’s father. It’s padding out and watching people run out of breath waiting to find out what’s hanging at the bottom of that cliff hanger.

This issue is set a couple of months before Tommy, the Green Ranger, comes to Angel Grove, so this gives the writer time to answer a big niggle, or address a remark a lot of adult Power Ranger fans probably have.

Do the Power Rangers ever fight monsters around the world? or do they just turn up in Angel Grove? Also how does the rest of the world react to an evil space witch that lives on the moon?

Well it turns out Italy isn’t very happy about the presence of Rita Repulsa hanging out on the moon and helping herself to all the moon cheese. So when the rangers have to save the Italian Power Rangers from a poorly constructed Da-Vinci inspired monster, you get your answer.

This brief holiday leaves Zack feeling a bit deflated when the Red Ranger is praised for his all his work and his contribution is totally overlooked, since he dealt the fatal Zord blow on the monster.

So what if Rita had her eyes on someone else to be Green Ranger? what if she had tried recruiting someone already in the fold to become her ranger? Would it work?

Well no, of course not. When Zack is offered he kicks ass and he stays the heck away from that ugly and tired writing trope which is often used for these grown up nostalgia cash-in comics where the main characters are either immoral or have a naughty grown up flaw.

Overall guys, the issue is good, the art is bit stretched and inaccurate from the usual work we’ve seen so far, but it’s still a solid B-.

It’s a great stand-alone story and opens up some interesting story for later on. It’s good stuff.

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