The drama surrounding Counter Strike: Global Offensive skin gambling site CSGOLotto continues as owner and accused scammer Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin releases an apology video claiming that he should have been more up front about his ownership. However, following criticism, Martin deletes the apology.

Of course, Martin should know by now that deleting something from the Internet doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gone forever, as the video was downloaded and re-uploaded by another YouTube Channel.

In the video Martin apologises for not making his relationship with CSGOLotto clearer, y’know, the fact that he actually owns the site in which he uploaded videos claiming that he’d discovered a “new site” and proceeded to win big on.

According to Martin, his connection to the site “has been a matter of public record since the company was first organised”. Which in simple terms mean, if you for whatever reason, decided to thumb through company records, you’d see his name slapped right at the top. Hmm.

“He means someone could’ve searched for that public document, which is utter stupidity,” attorney Ryan Morrison told PC Gamer. “Even if he wrote it in the text underneath his video as he’s gone back and done, that’s still not sufficient disclosure. He couldn’t be further away in terms of compliance.”

As for the reason he decided to remove the video, Martin claimed that he was “disappointed in it”. Oh, and that there’s at least 75 people looking into legal proceedings against Martin and co-owner Thomas ‘ProSyndicate’ Cassell, and that the two are currently working with their own legal team.

The outcome of all of this is unclear right now, as the whole thing is encapsulated in a shady grey area, but chances are we’ll see further FTC penalties, as well as possible criminal prosecution for the operation of a gambling site that is targeted at a younger audience.

“I can’t say there’s going to be prosecution but I’ve said a couple times and I still very much believe that it’s as close to a sure thing as possible,” added Morrison.

You can see the video below, in which Martin apologises whilst waltzing around his mansion complete with a fairly hefty truck in the driveway:

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