Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Following the controversy surrounding CS:GO Lotto and its owners  Trevor “Tmartn” Martin and Tom “Syndicate” Cassell, it looks as if CS:GO Lotto has ceased taking bets, with no word on whether it’ll be returning to business as usual.

Both Martin and Cassell came under fire earlier this month when it was discovered that a CS:GO gambling site that the two actively played on and promoted, was actually owned by them. The two had failed to disclose this fact prior to the discovery and caused a shit storm to head their way.

Since then, Cassell pretty much went quiet and has yet to issue the statement of which he promised a week ago. Martin on the other hand had been pretty outspoken about the ordeal until things started to get a little bit too real and the two had legal teams drafted in to deal with the situation.

During that time, the website in question: CS:GO Lotto stopped taking bets, citing that the shutdown was to avoid heavy Steam traffic during the the ESL One Cologne 2016 major event, however, that event ended on July 10, five days ago, and yet the site is still inactive.

In the meantime, both Cassell and Martin have been active on YouTube and Social Media and seem to have brushed the website aside as neither have mentioned anything about their website’s downtime, or when they expect it to return.

Valve recently spoke out about CS:GO and the gambling which has since spawned from the game’s skin exchange and has essentially condemned any site which gambles skins. The company stated that it was against the terms of service and that it’d be issuing these websites with a cease and desist. In response, Twitch also claimed that anyone using CS:GO gambling sites would be banned.

As a result, some CS:GO sites have actually ceased operation, CSGO Double, CSGO Dices, and CSGO Wealth are among the few which have shutdown.

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