Cyanogen Inc., for as long as I remember, has been the front-runner in the alternative Android OS scene. Recently they’ve made headway by becoming the OS of choice for a handful of OEMs, but a recent report suggests that they may be turning away from the OS to focus on apps instead.

According to reports from Android Police and ReCode, Cyanogen Inc. is currently laying off a number of its staff, most of which are developers on the company’s operating system. The company currently employs 136 people, and if these reports are true the company is cutting 20% of that number, which is around 30 people.

Android Police reveals that the company’s office in Lisbon and India are being “essentially gutted” with cuts also hitting the company’s offices in Palo Alto and Seattle. These cuts are reportedly being performed with no prior notice and those that still have a job with the company were told not to come into work yesterday.

One well-known employee at the company, Dave Kover, seems to be one of the people affected:

It’s also been claimed that the company is also undergoing a shift in strategy relating to its suite of applications. Though details are being kept under wraps for the moment, though reports suggest that the company is set to focus more on its apps than the OS.

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