Are you simply obsessed with Blizzard’s latest multiplayer shooter, Overwatch, and you want to learn even more about the diverse cast of characters? Fear not, Blizzard has you covered with a new announcement out of Comic-Con.

This week Dark Horse and Blizzard announced a new partnership that’ll result in a brand new Overwatch graphic novel and art book. In addition to this news, Dark Horse will begin republishing Blizzard’s 8-page digital comics through their own digital service. Overwatch #8 will focus on the series’ newest character, Ana.

On the graphic novel front, Dark Horse will be publishing a 100-page Overwatch graphic novel in April 2017. The title and creative team behind the book have yet to be revealed. The publisher has, however, confirmed that the book will tell the story of the original Overwatch strike team.

Following this release, Dark Horse will also publish The Art of Overwatch, a collectable hardcover featuring artwork from the game, as well as unseen concept art and illustrations. The Art of Overwatch will launch in Summer 2017.

Overwatch Graphic

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