Das Keyboard has launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign for the Das Keyboard 5Q, and while it may look like any ordinary mechanical keyboard, it comes with some cloud-connected features.

The Q5 hopes to become the next keyboard to grace your desk thanks to its connection to the Internet. But how, and more to the point, why? Well, each individually-lit RGB LED key can be colour-controlled remotely, so it can glow specific colours based on any information you want provided.

This allows a multitude of features to some to the keyboard, including the ability to instantly close a RAM/CPU-hogging browser window, or simply open Twitter to see your latest @mentions.

In terms of specifications, the DAS Keyboard Q5 uses Gamma Zulu RGB switches by Omron, which have a travel distance of 3.5mm and will survive a total of 100 million actuations. These switches are similar to Cherry MX Brown switches, offering a more softer tactile feel.

Those familiar with Das Keyboard will also notice that the rotary key, previously reserved for volume control, is now a “Q Button” that’ll activate the Q software where users can set up notifications all of which are also stored on the cloud.

The keyboard’s software will also be open allowing for developers to create their own compatible notifications, it’ll also work with IFTTT allowing you to create recipes of your own, quickly, and easily.

Das Keyboard were looking for $100,000 to make this keyboard a reality, and at time of writing it’s already broken the $170,000 mark, so it’s safe to say that this keyboard will certainly go into production. However, if you can’t wait, you can head to the Kickstarter page and pledge to get your own Q5 for only $139.

Delivery of the keyboards are expected in January next year.


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