Battlefield 1’s closed alpha, which is currently ongoing for a select number of players, has been extensively data mined and the results are pretty fruitful as almost every major detail about the game has been revealed…

A reddit post by Lobix300, has revealed a pretty in-depth list for Battlefield 1 which offers a pretty good insight as what to expect from the game. The leaked data mined info reveals that the game will offer 10 multiplayer maps, seven game modes, and what to expect from the game’s campaign.

Players can expect to play around 7 different game modes from across 10 different maps, including Battlefield staples such as Rush and Conquest, as well as a number of new modes including Possession and Breakthrough. File names of these 10 maps have also been revealed:

  • MP_Amiens
  • MP_Chateau
  • MP_Desert
  • MP_FaoFortress
  • MP_Forest
  • MP_Argonne
  • MP_ItalianCoast
  • MP_MountainFort
  • MP_Scar
  • MP_Suez

As for the game’s campaign, according to the leaked info, it’ll play out across six episodes split into individual chapters. We’re hoping the new setting will bring a new lease of life into the same humdrum Battlefield campaign.

Finally, the leak also offers an insight on the some of the game’s 37 weapons, as well as detailing what dog-tags and Battlepack rewards players can earn. You can find all of the above info and more over on the reddit post.

Battlefield 1 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 21.

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