Dead Rising 4 EXO Suit Power Up
Dead Rising 4 EXO Suit Power Up

Capcom have released a new behind-the-scenes look at Dead Rising 4 in a new developer diary. The new video highlights what’s unique about Frank West as well as taking a quick glimpse at the game’s insane weapons.

In Dead Rising 4 players will be able to get comfortable in a military-grade exo-suit which can be used in combination with other items, such as a slushie machine which unleashes delicious fruity tornadoss at hordes of zombies.

In addition to the weaponry available, the trailer also takes a look at the game’s three zombie types, with traditional zombies being joined by the more aggressive Freshly Infected, and the quick-witted Evos, that are able to dodge attacks.

Dead Rising 4 is set to launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 6. The game is also a timed exclusive with a PlayStation 4 and Steam release also on the cards.

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