Have you ever wanted to attempt to steal some of the most famous and priceless works of art in the world? No? Just me then? Well… regardless of your criminal intentions or lack thereof, Dice Heist by Trevor Benjamin and Brett J Gilbert is a product that will let you live out that fantasy.

In Dice Heist, you’ll take on the role of an international thief and attempt the most daring and bold heists to steal paintings, gems, artefacts and more. It’s a small product that offers a fun concept that can be enjoyed by up to five players. The question is though can this tiny package come out and deliver big results?

Dice Heist doesn’t require much to play and therefore comes in a rather small and handy sized box which makes it ideal for travel. Inside you’ll find a rule book, some dice, and a deck of cards. These are all you need to start playing and enjoy the game to it’s fullest. What’s nice however is the quality of the box and the items within. The artwork is beautiful and helps to add a unique style to product and the cards feel well made. Dice Heist is simple in what components it requires playing, but that doesn’t lower the quality nor the value of it.

Dice Heist

Setting up a game of Dice Heist doesn’t take long. You’ll be required to place the four museum cards in a line in the middle of the play area in the order of their ‘security level’. Then you need to shuffle the 52 exhibit cards and place them face down to make the exhibit deck. Then each player gets given a black thief dice and white sidekick dice go in the middle of the play area. Dice Heist is now set up and you’re ready to go steal.

Now in Dice Heist your play through a turn by revealing an exhibit, then recruit sidekick, or attempt a heist. This repeats until the game ends when every card in the exhibit deck has been drawn. On your turn, you’ll start by drawing from the exhibit deck and then placing the exhibit under the matching museum. Then you can do one of the following: Pick up a white sidekick dice to help you with your next crime, or attempt a heist. Then after these, the next player will take their turn going through the same steps.

Now when you attempt a heist you need to start by calling out which museum you’re going to target and then pick how many dice to roll. You don’t need to use all of your die, nor do you need to use any sidekicks should you not want to. You’ll have a successful heist if at least one of your dice rolled a value that is higher than the target security level. If you none of your rolls are higher, then sorry to say you have failed your heist. Note that you don’t add up your dice values you simply use the highest one to determine if you were successful or not.

Now if you were successful in pulling your heist then you take all the exhibit cards that were under your chosen museum and put them to one side. Any sidekicks you used during the roll and then placed back into the sidekick pile in the middle of the play area. If you failed your heist then you get nothing but get to keep all your rolled dice, including sidekicks and keep them for a later roll. If you wanted to only steal one exhibit then you can roll to match the security level of the museum. If you do that, then you can take just that one exhibit that you had your eyes on. Generally though it would better just to try and roll higher than the target number to steal everything.

Dice Heist

Once a game is finished there is only one thing left to do and that is to work ou the scoring for each player to find who is the winner. For every artifact that a player was able to steal, they get one or two points. The cards display one or two artifacts so the score is worked out accordingly. Gems are sorted by colour and the first gem of each colour is worth one point. The second is worth two points and so on. Lastly, paintings are worked out by adding their value together to see who, collectively, has the highest value. The player with the highest value scores a total of 8 points and the player with the least value loses 4 points. Once you have you worked out who is the winner you have completed a game of Dice Heist.


As a whole Dice Heist is a nice little game that will sit comfortably in your collection. It’s a quick and simple game to play out and can be a nice way to pass the time or work as a conversation piece. It’s definitely not a game that will fill your afternoon with countless adventures and memories but it’s a nice little time sink should you be looking for something different to play. What would make Dice Heist that more appealing is if it had a number of different systems in place to help mix up the standard turn formula. It’s not that Dice Heist is bad, it’s honestly very good, it’s just there is a lack of replayability here and that is the biggest letdown.

Dice Heist is available for the RRP of £17.99 and if you’re looking to pick it up then check out the Esdevium Games store locator here to find your nearest retail store.

This review is based on a copy of the product provided by Esdevium Games.

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