Following the success of the Dark Souls board game which made millions on Kickstarter earlier this year, Bethesda are trying their hand at bringing one of their popular titles to the tabletop, this time with DOOM.

Well, okay, it’s not quite Bethesda bringing the game to the table, it’s board game veteran Fantasy Flight Games, who’ll be bringing the DOOM name to what is essentially a reskin of their Imperial Assault games.

Anyway, the game is being described as a “tactical combat experience” which can be played by two to five players. It’ll also be based on this year’s DOOM game and will have players choosing to play as either demons or marines. It’s also an asymmetric game, so gameplay will be different for each character type.


Marines are tasked with completing objectives in a series of missions, while Demons are tasked with attacking the marines and stopping them from completing their missions. To make things a little more complex, Marines can only respawn a number of times, however Demons will spawn infinite times.

More information about the game can be found over on Fantasy Fight Games’ website. The game is set to launch later this year.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see whether they incorporate DOOM’s huge arsenal of weapons, if at all, into the game. We’re also expecting Fantasy Flight to release expansions for the game, if it’s a success.

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