the Drinkbox Vita Collection

Coming to the PS Vita later this month is a collection of games from one of my favourite developers, Drinkbox Studios, the developer behind the recent release Severed, and the popular Luchador inspired brawler Guacamelee!.

The collection, simply titled The Drinbox Vita Collection is set to launch on July 13 exclusively on the PS Vita and bundles together the developer’s recent release, Severed, as well as the two past releases, Guacamelee! and Mutant Blobs Attack.

Mutant Blobs Attack is the only title I’ve not played from Drinkbox, so I’m really keen to get my hands on this release. This particular title was designed specifically for the console as a launch title, and has players controlling a hungry blob who escapes from an evil scientists lab with vengeance on its mind.

Then, there’s Guacamelee! a game I think I own two copies of. This game, if you’re yet to give it a try, could be described as a Metroidvania game which is set in a magical Mexican-inspired world with myths and legends coming to life. The collection will not only include the main game, but also the two DLC packs which launched for the game adding even more value to the bundle.

Oh, and it’ll be a cross-buy title meaning you’ll get the PS3 version of the game too.


Finally, the company’s latest release, Severed, will be included in the bundle – again, designed specifically for the PS Vita. And while this title didn’t exactly win me over, the company’s telltale art style is present throughout and it’s still a pretty enjoyable game, even though I personally struggled with the mechanics.

The collection is set to launch on PlayStation Vita on July 13. There’s currently no word on whether this is a digital or retail release, nor is there a price just yet.

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