driveclub 5

Despite completely canning the studio behind the game, Sony has today officially announced DriveClub VR, a VR version of Evolution Studios ill-fated racing sim, Drive Club.

The game will be available on PlayStation VR by the headset’s Japanese Launch, which would be the first time the game has actually launched on time.

Details are currently pretty thin, but according to the Japanese blog post, the game will offer a realistic first-person cockpit view and 3D audio. It’ll be available both digitally and at retail. Some new screenshots have also been unveiled.

Interestingly, DriveClub’s former game director, Paul Rustchynsky has spoken out about the game adding that it’ll include “a collection of brand new tracks”, he also added that “The same development team who made DRIVECLUB, also made DRIVECLUB VR.”

PlayStation VR launches on October 13. There’s currently no word on the game’s western release, but we’re keeping our ears close to the ground.

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