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This week Turtle Rock unveiled that Evolve would be going free-to-play in an effort to rekindle interest in the game and make amends for the “DLC shitstorm” which plagued the game’s initial release. That move looks to have worked, as the player base skyrocketed as soon as the free-to-play beta launched.

Following the launch of the Evolve Stage 2 free-to-play release, the player count absolutely shot up to 15,930 percent with the peak concurrent player count hitting 25,351, an absolutely huge boom since before the free-to-play move, the concurrent player count was only 157.

At time of writing, the game is currently sitting as the thirteenth most popular game on Steam, above titles like Fallout 4, Rocket League, and ARMA 3.

Of course, this may indeed just be players logging in to see what all the fuss is about, as initially, the game began pretty popular, but sadly fizzled out pretty quickly.

The new free-to-play launch isn’t just Turtle Rock making the game free, however, as the game is set to receive a ton of improvements and changes as well as new features as the developers transition into Stage 2 of the game’s release.

As for the console versions of the game, the developer has revealed that they’re committed to the PC release right now, but are keen to get working on the console releases soon.

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