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Turtle Rock has revealed this week that Evolve’s recent shift to free-to-play has done wonders for the game, bringing in over one million players.

The game re-launched last week as a “Evolve: Stage 2” the game’s free-to-play re-release. Since then players have been flocking to the 4v1 shooter with the game hitting around 25,000 concurrent players just a few days after launch.

Now, Turtle Rock has revealed, the game has seen around one million new players and to celebrate 2K Games is giving a way a free skin to players who login between now and Monday, July 18 at 10AM PST.

Currently Evolve: Stage 2 is in beta as the developers iron out the kinks and add even more new features and improvements to the game. Once the PC version has fully launched, Turtle Rock has said that the Console versions will receive the free-to-play treatment.

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