If you’ve stayed with the Flash through all of Season 2 and the all the spin-offs that have made of DC’s TV live action universe, you’re going to get a treat next season.

Why are you going to get a treat? Well, it’s the first live-action appearance of Kid Flash. After Wally West was introduced in Season 2 the CW have released a teaser image of sidekick of the Flash all suited and booted and ready for some action.

How did Kid Flash get his powers in the comics? The same as The Flash. Wally West was the nephew of Iris West, the love interest of Barry Allen and after lighting strikes twice and douses Wally in the same chemicals that gave Barry his powers, he then became Kid Flash.

Originally he looked like a chibi version of Barry Allen, then his costume got zapped and boom, that’s how he got the more recognisable Kid Flash costume.

Of course, Wally West hasn’t been the only Kid Flash, when Barry ‘died’ during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally became the Flash and after 90s kid Barry Allen was ready to grow up, he left behind his childish Impulse identity and became the new Kid Flash.

During the New 52, Wally was seemingly erased from continuity until he was re-introduced as a black teenager who was related to Barry’s former lover, Iris West.

During the DC Rebirth re-launch story Wally West from the Pre New 52 continuity returns. Now they have two Wally Wests and Kid Flashes running around… well technically 3 with Bart Allen running around… somewhere.

If you can’t get enough of Wally, check out Pre New 52 Wally West in Titans, or check out Teen Titans and see New 52 Wally running around all over the place.

Or you can just wait back and relax and wait for season 3 of The Flash to hit the airwaves.


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