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It’s a little known fact around the n3rdabl3 team that I’m a big fan of two things. Trashy anime games that are actually amazing, and JRPG’s. The latter is a genre that has given me some stunning and memorable gaming moments that I will never forget. With that in mind I thought I would put together five JRPG’s you really should play.

Now please bare in mind that these five are in no real order nor are these five ‘the best’ JRPG’s but rather five that I generally think you should consider picking up or at least looking into.

Enough of that though let’s jump right into the list:

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy 12 is by far one of my favourite entries in the series next to Final Fantasy 7 which, of course, holds first place. What is important with Final Fantasy 12 and why it’s a JRPG you should definitely play, is that it was such a huge departure from what Final Fantasy games were.

It tackled a lot of different topics and approached them in ways more mature and political than past games. Sure, all the games up to this point had strong, powerful stories, characters, and worlds but Final Fantasy 12 raised the bar with what video games could deliver to players and not just in the role playing genre.

Add to that a battle system that was fun and new and you had the mixture for a seriously enjoyable, if somewhat long, game. Once more Final Fantasy 12 is making a return next year on PlayStation 4 with the Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age so if you missed out on this your have no excuse next year.

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Tales of Zestiria

The Tales series is another long running series of JRPG’s that have been very successful over the years. With Tales of Zestiria, the series came to the PlayStation 4 and with that pushed the series to new heights.

As a series that is known for its lovable characters, deep stories and fun gameplay. Tales of Zestiria made sure to deliver all of those and then some thanks to the power of the PlayStation 4. A beautiful world filled with wonder and mystery helps to sell the title even more as you lose yourself in it for countless hours.

Not only that but the once the game really kicks things off and the world opens up the ‘just one more hour’ mindset will set in as you find yourself wanting to uncover the event in a story and game that will refresh both the Tales series and the JRPG genre for you.



If there was ever a JRPG to lose yourself to then look no further than NiNoKuni. Developed by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, NiNoKuni is a testament to just how powerful and amazing video games can be.

At the time of it’s release it brought new light to the genre in a way that rekindled my love for JRPG’s. With a deep and interesting story that keeps you engaged throughout the whole journey to the gameplay that will see you playing for hours with enjoyment. It delivers everything you would hope for with a transitional role play gaming but then adds just the right amount of new ideas and mechanics on top to create a masterpiece.

NiNoKuni might have released in 2013 for PlayStation 3 but honestly it is a game that every gamer should at least look into. Seeing as NiNoKuni 2 is currently in development and set to hopefully release in 2017 now would be a great chance to get lost in the world of the first game. Besides, it’s Studio Ghibli and Level-5 so what is not to love? NiNoKuni will put a smile on your face and light a fire in your heart.


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Now there is no way I could do a list such as this and not include Dragon’s Dogma somewhere in here. Capcom’s action role playing game meets hack and slash is a shining example of how to just make an awesome and fun video game.

Having spent way more time in the world of Dragon’s Dogma than I should have, it’s fair to say I’m a bit of a fanboy. But with an open world full of dangerous yet interesting monsters and a host of different classes, weapons and attacks available to you. Dragon’s Dogma mixes everything together in such a way that you can just lose yourself in it for hours.

From roaming the fields for items to suddenly holding onto a dragon as it flies into the skies, Dragon’s Dogma is the ideal mix of action and role play that even offers a unique online ‘pawn’ system for helping other players with their quest. Plus with the Dark Arisen expansion version of Dragon’s Dogma released on Steam early this year there is no reason not to try this classic and epic game.

May I also remind you that Dragon’s Dogma has by far one of the best title screen songs ever. Period.

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Sorcery Saga: The Curse of the Great Curry God

Now Sorcery Saga: The Curse of the Great Curry God might be a dungeon crawler but it is still an outstanding JRPG that every PlayStation Vita owner should play. Developed by Compile Heart, Sorcery Saga takes a proven system, adds a unique twist on it and then gives you a fantastic gaming experience that will make you laugh just as much as you rage at it’s dungeons.  It’s a good rage though as Sorcery Saga gives just enough challenge to keep you on your toes but still help you out when needed.

Following the protagonist Pupuru on a quest to cook the one and only legendary curry. You will battle your way through a story and world that you can not help but smile at. Sure, Sorcery Saga: The Curse of the Great Curry God is still a hard and challenging dungeon crawler but honestly, it’s a perfect JRPG for the PlayStation Vita.

Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God

So there you have it. Five JRPG’s that I really think you should play at some point or another. There are plenty more so why not share your five below in the comments and let me know what you think of these five.

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