Trion Worlds’ free-to-play voxel adventure MMO, Trove, is set to make its way to consoles later this year, the company has announced.

As Trove celebrates its first birthday this week, Trion Worlds is giving all of us a gift, that gift being the news that Trove will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year letting console gamers experience the unique blend of action, adventure, combat, collecting, and building.

“We want to be everywhere that gamers are, and consoles are an important part of that strategy,” said Scott Hartsman, CEO at Trion Worlds. “Trove is ideal for PS4 and Xbox One. From its fast paced gameplay to its extremely broad appeal, we expect Trove to be a hit with console gamers of all kinds.”

For those who haven’t seen Trove before, you’ll likely be comparing the game to Minecraft, but woah there nelly, aside from the games voxel/blocky composition, the two couldn’t be further apart as this is an MMO, not a single player / multiplayer adventure game.

Featuring typical MMO tropes such as quests, dungeons, and various monsters to slay, the game has become home to millions of gamers across 100s of countries since its launch a year ago. In addition, the game’s first expansion, Mantle of Power, also launched earlier this year, so there’s even more for players to do in the game.

“The boundless creativity we’ve seen from Trove’s community in the game’s first year has been astounding,” said Andrew Krausnick, executive producer of Trove. “With Mantle of Power we were able to improve and expand on the game’s class progression system, combat and endless worlds. In bringing Trove to an even wider audience, we can only begin to imagine the inventive, inspiring and downright crazy worlds we’ll be seeing later this year when the game arrives on consoles.”

Trove is set to launch this fall on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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