Have you ever played a game and thought “I really hope no one walks in on me right now?”, Yeah… Gal*Gun: Double Peace is definitely one of those games. Though, that depends on your feelings about a playing an on-rail bishojo game (pretty girl game) in which love has gone a bit wrong and now every girl wants a piece of you. The race is on to find true love, all while shooting girls until they hit the peak of “euphoria” if you get what I mean.

Welcome to Gal*Gun: Double Peace, a game that though fun and enjoyable, is definitely one that falls into the “perverted” category of your collection. Developed by Inti Creates and published by PQube for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, Gal*Gun: Double Peace is here to make you smile and make you question your actions. The only question that matters right now though is if it’s any good?

Now let’s tackle the elephant in the room here and address the niche selling point of Gal*Gun: Double Peace. Sure, the game hits its mark on giving you plenty of laughs and crude jokes that will be common to those who are familiar with this style of game. Regardless it is worth noting that you’ll find a lot of it different and bizarre at times. If you’re sensitive to panty jokes, making girls hit peak of pleasure and/or scenes of needing to help a half dressed girl off a giant sheet of fly trap paper, then maybe Gal*Gun: Double Peace isn’t for you. If you are down with those or generally interest then read on.

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As mentioned above Gal*Gun: Double Peace is an on-rails shooter in which you have limited control over the characters movements. You’ll look around to move the cursor across the screen in order take up aim against the hordes of cutesy girls rushing at you. However, you’ll need to act quickly if you want to survive the day and find your true love. Now you won’t find as much freedom as other on-rail shooters such as Time Crisis with it’s cover system, or House of the Dead with twists and turns. Rather, Gal*Gun: Double Peace breaks your pathway choices into individual locations that you’ll go to and thus play the respective level. No matter where you go you’ll be faced with the same task of making it through the level, earning the best score you can.

Each girl you encounter along the way will have a ‘weak spot’ in one of four places. This spot will mean you can earn extra points and make them fall in love with you quicker thus causing them fall in a state of euphoria. It should go as no surprise that during much of my time with Gal*Gun: Double Peace I found that aiming for the chest would normally get me the “one shot, one kill” style of action. Later though the girls will start to mix up their methods of attack and you won’t just be aiming and shooting, you’ll also hunting demons, peering through objects, collecting items for side missions and avoid getting stepped on. It can become rather hetic at times in Gal*Gun: Double Peace as you get swarmed from all sides. Not to fear though as you have Doki-Doki mode to help you out.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace

Now Doki-Doki mode is one of the more interesting gameplay elements. Here you shoot a girl and then teleport her, somewhere, only to then touch her in ways that make her fall in love with you. What that translate to of course is “touch her butt! Do it do it!” and if you touch her butt “well” enough within the given time frame then you score a large number of points and give the girl a great sensation. On paper that sounds a lot more creepy than it is in practice but then thinking about that again, it’s just creepy. Isn’t it?

Nonetheless Doki-Doki mode will let you target three girls at once and once you finish it you’re set off a small love explosion which will take down all the girls on screen. For that reason alone you will want to use Doki-Doki mode when possible as it can really help to save your bacon.

The fact you can zoom in to see through a girls clothes and get her measurements say a lot about Gal*Gun: Double Peace

There are also a number of QTE style mini games in which you’ll need to aid our beloved future waifus out of some awkward situation. Having to help one get unstuck from a window is a good example but given just how much she seems to enjoy it can make you feel rather uncomfortable. That and how long the scene goes on for doesn’t really help with that feeling. It apparently all fits into the story of Gal*Gun: Double Peace as you try to find true love. You see at the start you’re hit by an overcharged arrow that means you will experience all of your life’s chances to find love in one day and, unless you confess to your true love, you will never been loved again in your life by the end of the day.

So no pressure really.

The trouble is all the girls now want to be your girlfriend and once a demon gets involved and your child hood friends turn out to be demon hunters it all goes a bit crazy. Try not to worry though I’m sure it will all be fine and besides, you get to pick who your true love is and aim to win them over in only a matter of hours.

Now, given the game’s nature, it actually offers a ‘Mom’s Arrived Screen’ should you need to quickly hide the game when someone does enter the room. This mode will quickly turn the game into a normal RPG to help players feel a bit less shame should someone walk by uninvited… which says a lot

Gal*Gun: Double Peace

Graphically though Gal*Gun: Double Peace doesn’t break any records for being the most visually stunning game but it delivers high on it’s style. More important is the fact that the game runs at a solid and smooth frame rate throughout the whole experience. You’ll be happy with the presentation as all elements sit together nicely with transitions between artwork and gameplay happen from time to time as well.

Audio is the other area where things are acceptable but not as great as they could have been. Repetitive music and a limit to the number of different sound effects results in a less than memorable audio experience from Gal*Gun: Double Peace. Even the sounds that the girls make becomes repetitive and you’ll soon drown it out of your head as you focus on just getting the most points. Still it does it’s job and brings the world of Gal*Gun: Double Peace to life but adding some character to it even if only for the first visit.

What makes Gal*Gun: Double Peace good and lasting is that it offers multiple story branches and outcomes that give the game some lasting appeal. The humour it also offers, alongside the often poor writing, makes for a lot of laughs. Beyond that though Gal*Gun: Double Peace starts to run into some issues. The love I have for on-rail shooters makes me look towards Gal*Gun: Double Peace with a smile and a ‘thank you’ for letting me enjoy a genre I grew up with. At the same time I can’t overlook the fact that there really isn’t much going for the game beyond its niche selling point. I’ll be honest in saying it’s a selling point I don’t mind and rather like but it would’ve been nice to see a bit more done with the ideas in place.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace

It’s a tough call become Gal*Gun: Double Peace is a game that one on the one hand I would happily sit for long sessions and laugh out loud to the events unfolding on my screen. On the other I don’t want to touch it because of it’s shortcomings in presentation, audio and variety. Seeing some panties, touching girls butts and literally bringing all the females in your school to their knees gets old fast in Gal*Gun: Double Peace. It’s a game that many will be confused by but many others will love. Then again if you’re someone who would enjoy Gal*Gun: Double Peace then you’re likely not reading by this point and already making girls fall in love with you. Regardless, if your interested then do check it out. Otherwhile if you’re not one for the doki-doki motions of these types of games then Gal*Gun: Double Peace won’t change your mind.

Also why I can’t play as a girl and have all these lovely ladies chase me in the same way as they do the male protagonist? Just a thought.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

This review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy of the product provided by the publisher.

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