If you were hoping to play cupid this week in Gal*Gun: Double Peace, I have some slightly bad news. Publisher PQube Games has announced that the game’s release has been delayed slightly in North American and Europe.

In a tweet from the publisher, they revealed that the game would now be launching on July 29 for Europe and August 2 in the US. The reason for the delay is due to manufacturing errors.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace has players take the role of Houdai, a typically shy high-school boy who accidentally eats a full-power cupid shot and then becomes instantly desirable by all of the ladies at his academy.

“However, having an entire lifetime’s sex appeal condensed into one day is not without its problems,” reads a line from the game’s description.

Players quickly find out that if they don’t find their true love by the end of the day, then they’ll be forever alone. It’s a pretty impossible task, too, considering every girl in a mile radius is throwing themselves at you.



It sounds… interesting.

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