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GAME, the UK’s biggest video game retailer, has this week unveiled that it has opened its first ever eSports and Competitive Gaming zone in the Manchester Trafford Centre.

This new move comes as part of a partnership with Multiplay, one of the UK’s biggest events management, esports, online hosting companies, and show’s the company’s commitment to competitive gaming. The space offers 10 Overclockers gaming PCs as well as a Virtual Reality pod to show off the latest in VR tech, and hopes to be host to various gaming events in the UK.

GAME hope to invite publishing partners to use the zone to put on community events and promote their latest releases, further showing GAME’s commitment to its gaming community. What’s more, it also puts competitive gaming in front of a more broader audience, expanding the reach to a potentially untapped market.

“For years, we’ve been dedicated to providing competitive gaming events for local gamers in our stores,” said Fred Prego, Marketing & Insight Developer at GAME. “Now, with this first of its kind space, we can take this to the next level – allowing us to deliver a regular programme of bespoke local esports competitions and social gaming events across a wide range of esports and other gaming titles, including Hearthstone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Minecraft.”

To celebrate the launch, GAME hosted a number of in-store activities with prizes up for grabs, including tickets to Insomnia 58. There was also a Rocket League tournament being held, as well as a “retro arcade” high score challenge.

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