Square Enix has today unveiled the next Elusive Target coming to Hitman, but this time rather than it being a new face, it’ll be one you’ll find quite familiar: Lethal Weapon star, Gary Busey.

Earlier this year, Square Enix and Io Interactive asked players to “Choose Your Hit”, which asked them whether they wanted to kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole in-game. Now, the results are in, and Busey is of course the winner… or loser.

Busey will appear in Sapienza for 7 days from Thursday, July 21, in a new mission called “The Wildcard”. Players will once again have one chance to execute the hit, otherwise Busey is gone forever. To make things even more awkward, the only preview you have to go by, is the back of his head in the image above.

In addition to the Elusive Target arriving later this week, on July 19 the game’s Summer Bonus Episode is set to arrive.

Oh and for anyone struggling to remember what Gary Busey looks like, here’s probably the best gif in existence:

gary busey

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