If there’s one game we all know how to play, it’s hide and seek. It’s a game we all played as kids and gave us the first thrill of the hunt when trying to seek exactly where our friends were hiding.

Neople have taken this concept and have added a Ghost in the Shell twist on the whole thing. Introducing Ghost Assault, a new hide and seek style mode coming to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online.

We were fortunate enough to get hands-on with an early alpha of the game mode and let me tell you, it was absolutely thrilling both as a Cyborg and as one of the game’s Ghost operatives.

So let me lay out the new mode for you. With two teams of eight, you’re either a Ghost or a Cyborg. The aim of the game is for either the Cyborgs to find and eliminate all of the Ghost players, or for the Ghost players to survive undetected.

As a Cyborg, you’re given the ability to sprint for an extended length of time, as well as being armed with a pistol that has limited ammo, and a melee weapon. As a Ghost, you too have a pistol with limited ammo, but also the ability to become essentially invisible, though you’re not entirely undetectable.


In order for Cyborgs to successfully take-down Ghost players is to have quick reflexes and a keen eye as periodically Ghosts emit a beacon which they use to detect Cyborgs, this beacon makes them briefly visible as a red hologram which lasts for just a split second. It’s up to Cyborgs to blindly predict where the Ghost player has gone, and hopefully take them down.

As for Ghosts, the idea here isn’t to attack, despite having a weapon, instead you must survive for as long as possible either by steering clear of enemies, or becoming nimble footed and try and trick enemies into running the wrong way, however, as a Ghost you’re not exactly aware of when you’re fully out of sight, so you must choose whether to run, or risk dancing around the enemy until you once again become cloaked.

When Ghosts are eliminated, after a few seconds their cyberbrain appears and can be hacked by Cyborgs allowing them to briefly reveal the location of other Ghosts. However, if they don’t stick around long enough to do this, Ghosts can also hack their fallen team mates brain and respawn every eliminated Ghost.

Having spent a good hour playing multiple games, I can truly say that this mode is a ton of fun and adds an alternative style of play to the usual kill or be killed games currently available in First Assault. However, it does require team work and if you’re with a handful of lone-wolf players, things can quickly go south, especially if Ghosts manage to get the upper hand and hack a cyber brain.

Whether you’re a fan of Ghost in the Shell or not, First Assault is shaping up to be a pretty fantastic shooter and has gone from strength to strength over the past couple of months. I’d definitely recommend you give it a whirl.

The new Ghost Assault mode launches later today for paid Early Access players, however on July 28, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online launches into Open Beta allowing all players to enter the game completely free.

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