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Nope, Goat Simulator isn’t doing another collaboration, this is another new faction coming to Total War: Warhammer as part of the game’s next Campaign Pack, Call of the Beastmen.

Total War: Warhammer is set to get a new playable race, the Beastmen, who’ll come in the game’s next campaign pack, Mark of the Beastmen, which launches on July 28 for £13.99.

This campaign pack is the game’s first real substantial expansion which introduces the new race into the Grand Campaign as well as adding a new Story Campaign to the game called An Eye for an Eye.

The Beastmen, for those unfamiliar, are large horned and hairy beasts who have a disliking for humans. They’re occasionally known as Cloven Ones, and in terms of gameplay they’ll play similar to the other Horde factions, preferring to take-over already established settlements.

“They feature an array of unique gameplay mechanics,” said developer Creative Assembly. “Including the ability to travel through overgrown Beastpaths to outmanoeuvre unsuspecting foes and, through a dark bond with Morrslieb, the Chaos Moon, perform twisted acts of faith to gain its favour.”

In addition to the Call of the Beastmen campaign, the game will also be adding-in a free update that’ll add Amber Wizards to the Empire faction.

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