Sony has unveiled the UK release date for Gravity Rush 2 for PlayStation 4. The game will launch on December 2, players can pre-order the game now and receive two pre-order bonuses depending on where they pre-order the game.

Gravity Rush 2, the sequel to the 2012 hit Gravity Rush, will be launching on December 2. Pre-order bonuses for the game are an alternate white costume DLC for Kat, and a Director’s Choice Soundtrack. Those who pre-order from the PlayStation Store will also receive a PS4 theme.

Ahead of the game’s release, Sony has also confirmed that a new anime called Gravity Rush: The Animation ~ Overture ~ will be released. The anime is being produced by Studio Khara and fills in the blanks between the first and second game.

Finally, a new trailer has also been released which showcases newcomer Angel, a “superheroine with an aggressive and wild fighting style, and packs an overwhelming punch to her attacks”.

Check it out below:

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