Today marks the day where we choose mandatory happiness or get thrown into the garden with the other downers, as We Happy Few launches on PC via Steam’s Early Access or GOG.com Games in Development, and Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview.

Set in a weird happiness infused 1960 Britain, We Happy Few tells a chilling story of a world where happiness is mandatory and anyone who doesn’t comply and take their Joy Pills are given the happiest beating of their lifetime. Players take the role of a handful of people who are trying to escape from this cheerful denial and find their way out of Wellington Wells and reconstruct their forcibly forgotten past.

As the game is in Early Access, there’s still a lot of the game yet to be implemented, but for the moment the game’s key mechanics like social conformity and suspicion, Joy intake, crafting, combat, survival, and more are present so players can get a good idea what the game is about.

“Over the course of the Early Access, the city will expand and features will be improved, and the playable characters’ full storylines will be added on the final release of the game,” developers Compulsion Games has revealed.

We Happy Few is available on Steam, GOG.com, and Xbox One now for around £25.

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