Project Diva X Announcement

We’ve got some good news for fans of synthesized voices, adorable outfits, and catchy tunes – SEGA have announced that the formerly Japan-exclusive Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X will be coming to the West on August 30.

Project Diva X, the tenth entry in the popular Project Diva rhythm game franchise, takes a different approach to other entries in the series by adding a narrative behind the plethora of songs to play through, seeing Miku and her other Vocaloid cohorts exploring the five “Clouds” that make up their world, fulfilling their fans’ various “Requests”, forging bonds and ultimately trying to discover the identity of the mysterious character “X”.

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The game will come packed with 30 songs, with a few new arrangements and tracks from previous games making an appearance such as Hajimete no Oto (“The First Song”) as well as nearly 300 costumes and modules to customize your Vocaloids with.

A particularly interesting new feature is the Concert Editor, which allows players to set up their own concerts using the modules, songs and accessories they’ve collected.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X will be coming to Western PS Vitas and PS4s on August 30th.

Take a look at the Project Diva X Announcement Trailer in the video above.

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