Blizzard has announced that today, a brand new event begins called Friendly Feud, and will open up quests to players’ friends lists allowing you to complete quests and earn rewards with friends.

The quest and rewards system is usually only reserved for random matchmaking will be opened up to friendly battles from today until July 25. Though, there are a few exceptions…

  • Games vs. The Innkeeper won’t count toward quest completion—he’s everybody’s friend, but won’t feud with anyone
  • ‘Enter the Arena’—come on, the Arena’s no place for friends
  • Golden Heroes—sorry, wins won’t count towards those pretty portraits

The idea here is that you might bring some new faces to Hearthstone to show them the ropes and help them complete some quests, earn some gold, and hopefully grab some card packs in the process. All while lining your own pockets with rewards from the very same battles.

To end the event, a new quest named Friend Challenge will appear where players can invite a friend to a match. Once its done, both sides will earn 80 gold.

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