War Child has teamed up with 11 of the top development studios to create a game collection where all the proceeds benefit the charity.

When we purchase video games, we rarely consider where our money is going, so why not make your next purchase matter, and get the chance to play a handful of great games at the same time?

War Child’s new game bundle, HELP: The Game, is a collection of 12 brand new and original PC titles created during a six-day game jam, with each of the 11 studios offering their time and resources for free.

Of those studios, we’ve got some pretty big hitters from Surgeon Sim’s Bossa Studios, to Total War’s The Creative Assembly. Check the full list below:

  • Bossa Studios
  • Creative Assembly
  • Curve Digital
  • Hardlight
  • Modern Dream
  • Rovio Sweden AB
  • Spilt Milk Studios
  • Sports Interactive
  • Sumo Digital
  • Team 17
  • Torn Banner

That’s a pretty epic list, if you ask me.

Considering there are 12 games in this bundle, you’ll likely be surprised to hear that it’ll cost you just £9.99… For 12 games… from the above studios… Wow.

In the bundle, you’ll find the following games:

  • 10 Minute Tower
  • A Verdant Hue
  • Anthelion
  • BlockAid
  • Captain Curve’s Intergalactic Space Adventure
  • Emily: Displaced
  • Malkia
  • NeverMine
  • Octamari Rescue
  • Rise
  • Savana
  • Splash Bash

War Child is a charity which specialises in aiding over 230 million children affected by conflicts across the world. It’s a pretty incredible charity and one I’ll definitely be supporting with this bundle.

“More than half of all people affected by conflict are children, but less than five per cent of humanitarian funding is spent protecting and educating them,” says the charity. “They are the most vulnerable and are at risk of violence, abuse and trauma. They miss out on school and become separated from their families.

“The charity believes children in emergencies need more than simply food, shelter and water – they need education, livelihoods and protection as well.”

Check out the bundle here.

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