Mode 7 has released an extended behind the scenes look at Tokyo 42, and it just makes me want to grab the game even more.

Ever since Mode 7 unveiled Tokyo 42 I’ve been hooked. For those who don’t know, this isometric open-world assassin sim has players taking the role of an assassin and you must traverse the open world to take down your mark.

The game has the aesthetics of classic top-down isometric games like early GTA, Cannon Fodder, and of course Syndicate, but with a more modern twist. It also reminds me a lot of those huge city-scape graphics which just have so much going on, that you just can’t look away.

For the most part, I’m looking forward to the game’s multiplayer mode which has several players tasked with hunting each other down. Blending in is the key however, as the game doesn’t reveal who the other players are, your quick eye must be able to spot them, before they spot you.

Check out the behind the scenes video below:

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