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In addition to Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix is also releasing a mobile app, a short episodic series, and a feature film all of which take place in the same Final Fantasy universe as the game.

Out of Comic-Con this weekend, Square Enix has released a brand new trailer for the feature-length movie, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15, which this time features the English voice overs, and it stars some pretty big names.

The English version of the movie is set to star Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Need for Speed), Lena Headey (300, Game of Thrones), and Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones), to name a few.

The movie itself will feature the kingdom of Lucis defending a magial crystal from an upcoming invasion from the Niflheim empire. The title of the movie is actually that of the royal guards who are under the command of King Regis, played by Bean.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 has already premiered in Japan and has been well received according to director Takeshi Nozue, so much so that Square Enix will continue making films.

As for the release of the movie, it’ll have a limited theatrical release in North America from August 19, then it’ll launch as a digital download on August 30, which will be succeeded by a home cinema release on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 4.

The movie will also be released as part of the Deluxe and Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XV when it launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 30.

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