Hideo Kojima has always been one to trick fans into paying attention. He did it with The Phantom Pain, teasing new info only to reveal a chicken-head mask for players who chickened out of a hard part of the game. Now, he’s done it with Death Stranding too.

Last week Kojima promised more Death Stranding information during his Comic-Con panel this weekend, and to no ones surprise, very little information was actually revealed. What was shown instead was the new Kojima Productions intro trailer which will play before every game from the company, including Death Stranding.

The new intro trailer shows off the production company’s mascot, Ludens, as well as a closer look at the mascot’s face. Ludens’ face was previously unveiled and caused many people to speculate that the face within the helmet was that of Norman Redus. At the event however, Kojima squashed all of those assumptions.

Apparently, the Kojima Productions mascot is modelled off of himself, which he said the result was a little creepy. Check it out:

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In other news, Kojima Productions is planning on releasing action figures of the company’s mascot, which I’m sure life-long fans of Kojima will be keen to pick up.

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