We’re huge fans of Takayas Custom Jewelry here at n3rdabl3, so much so that we’ve featured them twice already, but they’ve managed to completely blow us away once again with another Final Fantasy inspired ring, this time a wedding band inspired by Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Lightning and Cactuar.

This wedding band is made from 14K white and yellow gold, and is absolutely stunning. According to Takayas it’s one of their first video game-inspired commissions, and its truly a work of art.

It features a solid white gold band with yellow gold styling on top of the ring. As for the Cactuars, well it took me a little while to see where the inspiration was taken from these, but it wasn’t until I saw the inner-design of the ring, that I was pleasantly surprised…


“It was a little tricky incorporating the Cactuar request because Cactuars by design are a little comical looking compared to the ornate Final Fantasy world,” Takayas explained in a blog post. “For this reason, Takayas built two Cactuars into the under gallery of the band so that they wouldn’t compete with the main Lightning theme.”

This ring is one of many video-game inspired rings the company has created. Each piece is custom created for the wearer meaning that there’s no way you can get this exact ring for yourself, which bums me out every time I see one of their amazing creations.

Head on over to the blog post to see more images of this stunning piece.


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