Internet Game Database Launches Review Service

The Internet Game Database is a website that’s been around for a while now, starting off as an independent project back in 2012 and growing into a vast repository of game information currently housing entries for over 19,000 games in the years since. The site allows users to get pretty detailed when creating a game’s entry on the website, tagging specific keywords, themes, game modes, player perspectives, genres, game engines and more.

8 Dudes in a Garage AB, the team behind the site, today announced the launch of a major new feature – the Internet Game Database’s own review aggregation service, aiming to compete with the likes of Metacritic. IGDB’s aggregator currently sources reviews from 31 online reviewing websites (with more external sources being added in the coming weeks) and has been built to treat every review outlet equally, meaning that an outlet’s popularity isn’t considered when calculating a game’s average score.

Christian Frithiof, CEO and founder of, had this to say on the feature’s launch:

We saw it as an important addition to the site since the majority of game titles being released lack user based ratings between embargo and release. With the new capability we are able to serve value to our users who are looking into newly released or unreleased games, while making the game critics visible as well.

Whilst only time will tell whether or not the IGDB proves to be a worthy adversary to the more popular review aggregator sites, here’s hoping that this new feature gives the site’s popularity a boost.

Take a look at the Internet Game Database here.

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