Just Cause 3

It’s looking increasingly likely that Just Cause 3 may be getting an official multiplayer mode as Avalanche Studios has hired the chief creator of the game’s popular multiplayer mod.

In a post on the Just Cause multiplayer mod website, lead developer Cameron Foote has said that he has now joined Avalanche Studios Sweden as a developer to work on “projects present and future”.

“As part of Avalanche, I’ll be able to bring many of the things you know and love from JC2-MP into future Avalanche experiences, while reaching heights that a mere mod couldn’t facilitate,” Foote wrote.

Although there has been no official announcement, that statement does indeed give us hope that the company are planning to work on an official multiplayer mode for the game, or indeed the next game in the franchise.

This good news does come with some bad though, as Foote’s departure from the multiplayer mod project has called for its cancellation. The team will of course maintain the mod for Just Cause 2, but development on the mod for Just Cause 3 has come to an end.

“Unfortunately, due to time constraints, neither I or the rest of the team can actively pursue development on JC3-MP; our lives are just too busy to allow for it right now,” Foote explained.

Fortunately, all hope for a multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3 isn’s lost, as developer Nanos is also working on a mod for the game offering similar features, which is a little less disappointing.

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