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You could say that there were a lot of flaws with Batman vs. Superman and one was the lack of humour it had. Something Justice League and Wonder Woman are trying very hard to correct.

That’s right its SDCC and on a Saturday I’m writing up a post on the new piece of nerd gold which has hit the Internet. So in between me strategically selecting what I can afford from the massive Comixology sale, DC has dropped it’s damage limitation from Batman vs Superman.

Of course, by now, the reviews are in and the feelings have been made about Batman vs. Superman as critics turned their noses up at DC’s attempt to get it’s shared universe on the road.

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So first, we’ve got Justice League as we follow a decidedly more cheerful Bruce Wayne and Dianna Prince form the Justice League and try and drum up some positive vibes for 2017.

You know how people must have looked at the Flash in Dawn of Justice and we’re like “Oh, did The Flash forget his costume?” well don’t worry, dear Tony Stark must have made a faux armour one for him.

The big bad guy has been hinted at as we get a flash to the past and a box, but don’t focus on that, focus on the jokes and the cracking bants between everyone. It’s about batner and not about easter eggs. Looks fun and cheerful, can they pull off the tone shift? Well, I sure hope so. P.S., Aquaman may already be my favourite.

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So Wonder Woman, since Captain America claimed World War 2 and there isn’t another clear good vs. evil narrative modern history conflict post 1945, boom it’s time for World War 1 to look quite visually epic.

Of course, that awful soundtrack has followed dear Wonder Woman as she straps on some bad ass looking boots and she pulls off some epic moves at what hints to be a Guardians of the Galaxy of the DC Universe, I.E. no one really knows what to expect since they’re very few who know Wonder Woman cover to cover.

The trailers are good, but remember those early Batman vs. Superman trailers looked good. DC have learnt a harsh lesson in tone that people want, but are they being to Wheddon? Time will tell on one of cinema’s most turbulent movie franchise tries to get it’s feet of the ground.

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