The Kerbals are coming to PlayStation 4 next week as Squad’s space program sim, Kerbal Space Program, is set to land on PlayStation 4 on July 12.

The game, which originally launched on PC in Early Access, has since launched and is now making its way to consoles as it lands on PlayStation 4 next week and Xbox One a little later this month, and Wii U too, apparently.

The game has players take control of their own little space program as they design, build, and launch their own space rocket and hope that everything goes to plan and they make it to the moon. The game is more of a trial and error sort of thing, as you’re ultimately going to fail a number of times, likely in the most hilarious way.

A brand new trailer for the game has been released, which you can see below, which doesn’t exactly show off the best frame rate for the game, but I’m still definitely excited to see how the game plays on console, for sure.

Check out the trailer below:

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