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It seems the excitement of supporting games through Kickstarter has somewhat died out over the past six months as one firm has revealed that video game campaigns overall have earned a lot less. One type of game which has seen more success however, is board games.

According to Kickstarter data posted by UK-based firm ICO Partners, board game campaigns have become increasingly popular over the past six months, so much so that they’ve received way more pledges than video games on the crowdfunding platform.

The firm revealed that video games haven’t seen quite the same success compared to last year, both due to much smaller campaigns being placed on the platform, campaigns being cancelled half-way through, and campaigns being placed on other platforms such as Fig.

That being said, board games have seen huge success since the beginning of the year, with physical, tabletop games raising six times more money than video games over the same period, and overall four times more projects were successfully funded, putting the category on the way to a record year.

One of the more standout campaigns was of course the Dark Souls board game which managed to raise almost $5.5 million on the platform, quite ironically. This has become the sixth most funded projects ever on Kickstarter.

You can read all of the data by ICO Partners over on their blog.

Aside from less big hitting campaigns, video games which have seen success on the crowdfunding site haven’t exactly been winning over audiences with the results… take Mighty No. 9, for example.

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