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Microsoft has unveiled the Kinect adapter which will be needed for users who want to use the Xbox One Kinect with their Xbox One S, and it’ll cost you £33, though there is a way you can get one for free.

The Xbox One S was unveiled at E3 earlier this year, and while it’s a much smaller and slimmer version of the original Xbox One, there are a few things missing, namely a port for your Kinect.

For those who want to use a Kinect with their Xbox One S, it was revealed that a separate adapter would be released to allow this. That adapter has now been unveiled and it’ll cost those of us in the UK £33. It’s a pretty chunky beast too.

The adapter will also allow you to use your Kinect with your Windows 10 PC, which sound about right considering the adapter looks exactly like the Kinect for Windows 10 adapter Microsoft released not too long ago.

Fortunately, if you are wanting to use a Kinect with the Xbox One but don’t want to shell out £33, then you’re in luck as Microsoft is offering a way for you to get one for free, though it does require you owning both an original Xbox One and a Kinect.

In order to claim your free adapter, you’ll need to be able to provide the serial numbers for your Xbox One, Kinect, and Xbox One S. Once Microsoft launches the page, you’ll be able to input these numbers, and claim your free Kinect adapter.


However, for those diving into the world of Xbox with the Xbox One S, you’ll probably have to fork out £33, or ask a friend with the Xbox One and Kinect to provide you their serial numbers…

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