Layers of Fear: Inheritance Announcement

Layers of Fear was a rather unique entry to the first-person horror genre when it debuted back in February, praised for its interesting premise and use of mind-bending environmental tricks but let down by an occasional over-reliance on jumpscares and a few relatively cliched story beats.

For those who enjoyed the creepy tale of a mad painter’s journey to complete his masterpiece, developers Bloober Team have announced some story-based DLC for the game releasing on August 2nd titled Layers of Fear: Inheritance, which aims to tell the story of the painter’s daughter returning to her childhood home to face her past.

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The DLC aims to provide a whole new narrative from the daughter’s perspective that expands the story of the original game, promising two distinct endings, more of the base game’s signature psychedelic terror and more.

Take a look at Layers of Fear: Inheritance’s trailer in the video above.

The DLC will be released on August 2nd for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac and SteamOS.

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