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Level-5 has today announced the name of their latest puzzle game in the Layton series, Lady Layton, which will feature a brand new protagonist: Professor Layton’s daughter.

Seeing as it’s already been confirmed that Professor Layton won’t be returning in this instalment as the main protagonist, we’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see who’ll next take the puzzle-solving crown. Many would likely assume his assistant Luke would take the mantle, but oh no. Level-5 have a different plan.

In the upcoming title, simply called Lady Layton, Professor Layton’s daughter, Catriel, will be the main protagonist in this instalment. The game is due to land in Japan in early 2017 for Nintendo 3DS, Android, and iPhone.

A new Japanese trailer has been released which you can see below:

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Lady Layton: The Conspiracy of King Millionaire Ariadne will be the full name of the game, details of which are still being kept under wraps. Though we’ll likely hear more about the plot in the near future.

Currently there’s no word on a western release.

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