Marvel Unveil New Invincible Iron Man… a 15-Year Old Girl

Following Marvel making the new Thor female, it seems another one of Marvel’s Avengers will be getting the female treatment, this time it’s Iron Man…

Marvel has this week unveiled Invincible Iron Man #1, a new series launching as part of Marvel NOW! And rather than Tony Stark wearing the Iron Suit, the role will now fall in the hands of Riri Williams, a 15 year-old girl-genius.

Williams will be replacing Tony Stark as Iron Man following the end of the Civil War II comic books which will result in Tony Stark stepping out of the Iron Man suit and handing the reigns over to Williams. Superstar creator Brian Michael Bendis and artist Stefano Caselli will be heading the new series.

So who is Riri Williams? Well at the age of 15 she enrolled in MIT and quickly got the attention of Stark after she reverse engineered and built her own Iron Man suit in her dorm in the hopes of making the world a better place.

As the new Iron Man, a name which she’s apparently working on, it begs the question as to what is happening with Stark?

“We’re in the middle of a very big Tony Stark storyline – actually three storylines converging,” says Brian Michael Bendis, speaking with TIME. “His best friend died, his company is collapsing and he’s finding out who his biological parents were all at the same time. How that all shakes out such that Tony is no longer in the armor? You’ll have to wait to find out for the end of Civil War II. But it does create a path for Riri Williams, who Tony will know and will be interacting with very shortly in the comics.”

Invincible Iron Man #1 is set to launch later this year.

Marvel Unveil New Invincible Iron Man… a 15-Year Old Girl - n3rdabl3

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